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Virtual Assistant Support

Our pricing is straightforward, transparent and adaptable, we know all businesses have evolving needs.  

At just £25 per hour for an executive VA, whether you need a consistent 5 hours per month or a more extensive support of 50 hours per month, we can cater to the demands of your business needs. 

Take a look at our services page to check out just some of the tasks you can delegate to us.

A minimum requirement of 5 hours per month and no lengthy contracts, we just ask for 7 days notice.

Investing in a VA means we take hold of your task list and smash it, freeing you up to drive growth and focus on the things you love. 

Ready to supercharge your success? Reach out today, and let's craft the perfect support package for you. 

Call Answering

We’re not just your run-of-the-mill call answering service. We know that every business has its own unique requirements, we will arrange a bespoke script so when we answer your calls we will sound like part of your team. Our small team not only have great customer service skills but also have plenty of common sense so you don't need to worry about how your calls are dealt with. 

For just £6 a month service charge then £1 per call, we provide a cracking service

We don't charge per minute and we don't charge for answering cold calls.

It really is a no brainer and your customer will have no idea that it isn't your team, we don't answer the call and just take a message, we deal with it properly - ensuring that by the end of the call your customer feels satisfied and confident in your service. 


We relieve the stress of your day-to-day. Our VIP concierge services enable assistance with everything from the practical to the banal, incorporating comprehensive lifestyle management to alleviate the pressures put on you. We are at your disposal to provide all types of services to you, or your family at a moments notice. 


Please contact us below to discuss our rates and your requirements. 


Tired of having to sort out everyday life admin? Then let us take care of it for you.


Whilst we offer luxury we can also provide a spare pair of hands to manage a mundane task, or a full on few weeks managing larger projects. Whatever the brief, we are here to help. Whichever elements of your life you’d like to outsource, using a Personal Concierge makes a lot of sense. We are here to help you.

We would love to help so please don't hesitate  getting in touch.

01691 900786

Discover The Life Changing Magic A VA Can Bring .

Our team of superstars can be your 25th hour of the day, your righthand man, your wing women or your calm amongst the chaos, whatever you need us for we've got your back.  No extra charges, no hidden fees, we keep things simple and honest. 

“Smile has a multi-talented team and no task is too big or complicated, everything is done to a high level, on time and on budget and always with a smile.”


Jessica Hill | Green Acres

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